sobota, 18. marec 2017


(visual performance and installation)

Artists (performers, concept, choreography, installation, costumes):  Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi, Tatiana Kocmur
Video/projection filming: Urška Savič
Video/projection edition: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur
Sound: Altan Jurca Avci
Make-up and costume assistants: Lara Mastnak, Dora Kaštrun, Altan Jurca Avci
Foto: Urška Savič, Altan Jurca Avci
Video: Jasmina Mustafic, Urška Savič

Year of production 2016

Performance video 1:

In our work we seize the body’s capacities and allow for their physiognomical deformation. Through this action we depict the infinite human desire to be sovereign over our bodies. This aspiration stems from the individuals’ tendency to compare their body with socially constructed ideals of the body image presented via mass media. This idealism of perfection is highly unrealistic, the ideal body therefore fictional and unattainable. This is precisely why we constantly yearn for perfection, the obsessive pursuit for the ideal body always leading to dissatisfaction. Eating disorders (e.g. bulimia, anorexia) and the manipulation of one’s appearance (excessive make-up, plastic surgery) are among the many consequences.

By covering our bodies with glitter we transform them into objects. This sparkling transcends aesthetic dimensions and transmutes them into their opposites. Our bodies become freakish/monstrous, no longer a part of this world.