sobota, 18. marec 2017


(visual performance and installation)

Artists (performers, concept, choreography, installation, costumes):  Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi, Tatiana Kocmur
Video/projection filming: Urška Savič
Video/projection edition: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur
Sound: Altan Jurca Avci
Make-up and costume assistants: Lara Mastnak, Dora Kaštrun, Altan Jurca Avci
Foto: Urška Savič, Altan Jurca Avci
Video: Jasmina Mustafic, Urška Savič

Year of production 2016

Performance video 1:

In our work we seize the body’s capacities and allow for their physiognomical deformation. Through this action we depict the infinite human desire to be sovereign over our bodies. This aspiration stems from the individuals’ tendency to compare their body with socially constructed ideals of the body image presented via mass media. This idealism of perfection is highly unrealistic, the ideal body therefore fictional and unattainable. This is precisely why we constantly yearn for perfection, the obsessive pursuit for the ideal body always leading to dissatisfaction. Eating disorders (e.g. bulimia, anorexia) and the manipulation of one’s appearance (excessive make-up, plastic surgery) are among the many consequences.

By covering our bodies with glitter we transform them into objects. This sparkling transcends aesthetic dimensions and transmutes them into their opposites. Our bodies become freakish/monstrous, no longer a part of this world. 

petek, 26. avgust 2016


Concept, installation: Tatiana Kocmur
Performers: Liza Šimenc, Teresa Neppi, Martina Jurak, Philipp Doe, Tatiana Kocmur
Music: Ambrož Štih

The installation/performance happened the 2. 7. 2016 us part of the festival Ana Desetnica 2016 that this year took place in Tovarna Rog too us a way of supporting action.

BLINK BLINK is an installations which purpose was transform the space of the factory in a artificial world made by shiny/multicolour objects hanging from the ceiling and plastic foil closing the space into a semicircle.

To understand the work is necessary to know the background of the space in which the installation was made.
Tovarna Rog is a squat that is a complex of five buildings plus the main building and all of these are constantly housing activities. Rog Factory is filled with cultural, music, sport, social and other activities. Our work is based on autonomy, solidarity and mutual help.
On Monday, 6th of June at 03:15, the security company Valina stormed to Rog Factory in order to secure the place and turn it into a building ground according to the instructions of the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković. Their goal is to stop the rich abundance of activities held in Rog opposing the capitalist ideas of gentrification of the centre of the town and adjusting it to the tourists and the established art scene. In short, their goal is the eviction of the current users and demolishing of all the buildings except of the main one, which is supposed to be renewed into a new Rog Center. 
(for more info check fb page Ohranimo Tovarno Rog or page

The transforming space is a metaphor of the aesthetical, wonderful building us the municipality realised capitalist idea of "tidy" centre appropriate and likely to the tourists.
In the other side of the "kitsch" (space) are the performers expressing their fillings through their movement. That are the users of the factory working, creating in all different way (cultural, music, sport, social and other activities), freely in an alternative way.

The performance was accompanied by lively music that intensify the movement of the performers showing the "fighting" of the users of Tovarna Rog. 

The main idea of the work was to show the real support of people that commonly visit the factory and support the alternative with the interaction of the viewers. 

At the end of the performance, the space was full of people becoming part of the work and transforming into performers/fighter that oppose to the opponent

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation?performance, mix media, size specific 

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK (detail), 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific 

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific

Tatiana Kocmur, BLINK BLINK, 2016, installation/performance, mix media, size specific

Thanks to every one that interact in the work and help me to realise the project!
Thanks to the photographer Sunčan Stone for amazing photos!

sreda, 16. marec 2016


Thaks to Piera Ravnikar for the publication in!!!


sobota, 20. februar 2016

D&M Company

Don't miss the exhibition of Deso and Mustafa in Alkatraz, Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
The expo is opened until 26.2.2016

nedelja, 31. maj 2015


  15. 5 2015 I had my first expo in Plac Boris in ROG
It was a realy good experience.
Thanks a lot to every one that came and thanks to Plac Boris for this chance!
Thaks to KutičkWorks for the photos!
The expo is open until 3.6.2015, if you are interested come and see.

 Thanks to my family for supporting me


petek, 19. december 2014


New fotostudio in town. 
Now you have the perfect chance to get perfect fotos.
You would never see a better studio like this.
FOTOSTUDIOPUJS is a spacious place with white walls and extra illuminated place
FOTOSTUDIOPUJS will never disappoint you!


sobota, 13. september 2014


11.5.2014 we had an group EXPO in ROG!
Rosa, Hana, Deso and me.
My first EXPO with Kutičk Works!!!

Preparing the EXPO
Tnx to our friends in ROG for helping us putting the lights and other stuff!!!

 Deso and his board, my and my painting on left


 Tired of preparing

My installation, THE CAN

 One of the first guests
(at the end my painting on the midle and Deso˝s two paintings)

my painting Mery me (mix media), and Deso¨s work 

 Installation made from Deso near my painting (left)

 Tnx to the singers!!!
 ...and the opening

My Alien (right)

My Caw (left) and Deso˝s painting

 And at the end poledance party

 Tnx to Tomzi and his cat for taking pictures :)