Preskoči na glavno vsebino


Germany, 2017

 "It will continue like this, will get worse - and then?
What am I to do?
Do I have to do something?
Or is it too big for me and shall I just wait?

Hannover, 2017
Atonal, Berlin, 2017


Putting the body in the space...

To blend with the space. To be part of the suburban. To get the characteristics of the surrounding objects, taking out the qualities of an human being.

Zelenica, Ljubljana, 2017

Zelenica, Ljubljana, 2017

 Standing steal...

Zelenica, Ljubljana, 2017

It is a time of being by your own surrounded. The space, the time circling around. You are a fixed point. You are a column. Of what? Of presence? What it is to be present in a space? 

An act of presence in the dash. 

It is me...

It is all about me. 

Me and my self. 

Me and the space. 

Me and the society.


Zelenica, Ljubljana, 2017

Zelenica, Ljubljana, 2017

Am I someone/something or nobody/nothing? Am I wanted or forgotten? 

I am a woman. ..

I can feel my fears, my power.
I can see in the eyes of the other a beauty and a monster. 
They love me, the are afraid. 
They touch me. 
They do not
It is an aggressive and pleasantly interaction.

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KRESNIČKA project in collaboration with profession dancer Liza Šimenc

Christian Rosenkranz
Florian Berger
Urška Savič
Francisco Tomsich
Tomaž Šantl



Priljubljene objave iz tega spletnega dnevnika


ACRYLIC ON PAPER  ABOUT 140 x 170 cm tATI 2013

Alopecia Areata

Size-specific performance Alopecia Areata Translacija | Traslación 1.1

* Translacija | Traslación is an international cycle of performance art events based in Ljubljana (Slovenia).  It will be developed along March-June, 2018 in various venues.  It includes three site-specific performances, a series of publications and two exhibitions.  Pocket Teater hosts three Translacija | Traslación’s site-specific performance events  by artists Tatiana Kocmur (27.3), Erik Schou (24.4) and Betina Habjanič (29.5). *
Photographies: Tomaž Šantl

I would like to say my thanks to all that helped me to realise the performance. Specially to: Ivana Kocmur, Adriana Pereyra Gonzales Kocmur, Liza Šimenc, Matías Zemljič, Carlos Pascual, Tomaž Šantl, Tilen Mihelič Kurent, Nejc Franetič - Deso and Francisco Tomsich
Videos made by Francisco Tomsich and Matías Zemljič:…