Preskoči na glavno vsebino


Prikaz objav, dodanih na september, 2014


11.5.2014 we had an group EXPO in ROG! Rosa, Hana, Deso and me. My first EXPO with Kutičk Works!!!
Preparing the EXPO Tnx to our friends in ROG for helping us putting the lights and other stuff!!!
 Deso and his board, my and my painting on left

 Tired of preparing
My installation, THE CAN
 One of the first guests (at the end my painting on the midle and Deso˝s two paintings)
my painting Mery me (mix media), and Deso¨s work 
 Installation made from Deso near my painting (left)
 Tnx to the singers!!!  ...and the opening
My Alien (right)

My Caw (left) and Deso˝s painting
 And at the end poledance party

 Tnx to Tomzi and his cat for taking pictures :)
TATI  2014